Confirmed Speakers 2024

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Kotb Abdelmohsen

[Senior Associate Scientist at NIA]

Rozalyn Anderson

[University of Wisconsin-Madison | Assistant Professor]

Alberto Aparicio

[Assistant Professor of Bioethics and Health Humanities]

Marc Bernegger

[Co-Founder | Maximon]

Maria Blasco

[Director | Spanish National Cancer Research Centre]

Miguel Brieño-Enriquez

[Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics | Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences | Magee-Womens Research Institute]

Holly Brown-Borg

[Professor | University of North Dakota ]

Sebastian Brunemeier

[CEO & Founder | ImmuneAGE Bio]

Natalie Coles

[Supercentenarian Research]

Lynne Cox

[Program Director 'Dynamic Resilience' | Wellcome Leap | Temasek Trust]

Aaron Cravens

[CEO | Revel Pharmaceuticals]

Walter Crompton

[Investor | Director of Special Projects at Yuvan Research, Inc.]

Patrizia D’Alessio

[CEO | AISA Therapeutics]

Noah Davidsohn

[CSO & Co-Founder | Rejuvenate Bio]

Joris Deelen

[Research Group leader | Max Planck Institute]

Peter Diamandis

[Founder and executive chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation]

Alexander Fedintsev

[Chief Scientific Officer | Radical Life Extension Group]

Ben Goertzel

[CEO and founder of SingularityNET | Leading developer OpenCog framework]

Aubrey de Grey

[President and CSO of LEV Foundation]

Jan Gruber

[Associate Professor | National University of Singapore]

Lou Hawthorne

[Founder and CEO at NaNotics]

Laurence Ion

[Co-initiator at]

Brian Kennedy

[Director, Centre for Healthy Longevity and Professor Departments of Biochemistry and Physiology at National University of Singapore]

Mehmood Khan

[Chief Executive Officer | Hevolution Foundation]

Melissa King

[COO & Co-Founder Healthspan Action Coalition | Co-Executive Director ShelterTech]

Wacław Jan Kroczek

[Gerontology Research Group]

Alec Lackmann

[Assistant Professor | University of Minnesota Duluth]

Tom Lawry

[Managing Director at Second Century Tech LLC]

Yuta Lee

[Founder & CEO | Accelerated Biosciences Corp]

Andy Lee

[Co-Founder | Vincere Biosciences ]

Caitlin Lewis

[Director of Project Pipeline & Strategy | LEV Foundation]

Alessandro Maggi

[Founder at Ecate LLC]

Maria Marinova

[Reproductive Longevity | Vitadao]

Ben Meyers

[Founder | LongeviQuest]

Alejandro Ocampo

[Co-Founder and CEO | EPITERNA]

Martin O’Dea

[CEO, Longevity Summit Dublin | Board MemberBoard Member Longevity Escape Velocity (LEV) Foundation]

Matthew ‘Oki’ O’Connor

[ Co-Chief Executive Officer | Cyclarity]

Francesca Ranieri

[Co-Founder of Digitalia & EU Market Lead at zkPass]


[Chief Executive Officer | Repair Biotechnologies]

Michael Ringel

[Managing Director Boston Consulting Group, Strategic Advisor Hevolution]

Morten Scheibye-Knudsen

[Associate Professor | University of Copenhagen]

Björn Schumaker

[Professor | University of Cologne]

Kenneth Scott

[Investor and Founder: Human Longevity & Rejuvenation Syndicate]

Manuel Serrano

[Principal Investigator | Altos Labs]

Kamen Shoylev

[Owner and co-founder at New Balkans Law Office | Barrister ]

Bernard Siegel

[Healthspan Action Coalition]

Evan Snyder

[ Professor | Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute]

Stasa Stankovic

[Genomic Medicine | University of Cambridge]

Andrew Steele

[Scientist | author | presenter | campaigner]

Michael Suk

[chair-elect American Medical Association]

Emma Teeling

[Professor of Zoology | University College Dublin]

Max Unfried


Todd White


David Wood

[LEV Foundation]

Hanadie Yousef

[Co-Founder and CEO | Juvena Therapeutics, Inc.]

Alex Zhavoronkov

[Founder | Insilico Medicine]

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