Todd White



Todd White, a seasoned business executive, early-stage investor, and Healthspan Advocate, is a pivotal figure in the longevity and health advocacy space. With over 26 years of experience in startup technology and biotech companies, Todd has made significant contributions to advancing research and initiatives in the field of longevity science.

As a key member of VitaDAO, a decentralized collective focused on driving early-stage longevity science research, Todd plays a crucial role in shaping the future of healthspan enhancement and longevity. His involvement with VitaDAO underscores his commitment to fostering innovation and progress in the pursuit of holistic well-being practices.Moreover, Todd’s dedication to educating and empowering individuals to make better choices about food, nutrition, and alcohol consumption is evident through his role as the founder of Dry Farm Wines. As a writer, speaker, and leader in the organic natural wine movement, Todd has widely educated communities on conscious consumption and the health benefits associated with natural wines.

Todd White’s multifaceted expertise in business, investment, and health advocacy positions him as a valuable asset in the longevity industry. His passion for promoting holistic well-being practices, coupled with his commitment to advancing research in aging interventions, makes him a prominent figure at events like the Longevity Summit where he shares insights on topics ranging from drug discovery to regenerative medicine.

Todd’s vision for a future focused on eliminating diseases of aging aligns with the mission of the Longevity Summit to create a peer-to-peer learning environment that addresses key areas essential for industry leaders to navigate the evolving landscape of longevity science.