Andrew Steele

Scientist | author | presenter | campaigner


scientist, writer, and campaigner who has made significant contributions in the fields of computational biology and aging research. After completing a PhD in physics at the University of Oxford, Steele transitioned his focus to computational biology, recognizing aging as a critical scientific challenge. He has worked at prestigious institutions like the Francis Crick Institute, where he utilized machine learning to decode DNA and predict heart attacks using patients’ medical records. Steele is also an accomplished author, known for his book “Ageless: The new science of getting older without getting old,” which delves into the biology of aging and strategies to combat it using scientific advancements.

Throughout his career, Steele has been actively involved in science communication, writing for reputable publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Sunday Times, Telegraph, Guardian, and WIRED magazine. He has also appeared on various television shows like NBC’s TODAY, The Russell Howard Hour, Sunday Brunch, NBC Morning News Now, and BBC News. Additionally, Steele is a prominent figure on social media platforms and YouTube, where he shares his insights on aging science and longevity.Steele’s work extends beyond research and writing; he has been engaged in campaigning for science funding as the Chair of Science is Vital and the creator of Scienceogram. His dedication to advancing our understanding of aging and longevity is evident in his multifaceted contributions to the scientific community and public discourse on these crucial topics.