Martin O’Dea

CEO, Longevity Summit Dublin | Board MemberBoard Member LEV Foundation


Martin O’Dea, MBA, is a distinguished figure in the field of longevity and healthy aging, serving as the CEO and founder of Longevity Events Limited and the principal organizer of the annual Longevity Summit Dublin. With over a decade of experience closely monitoring advancements in longevity research, O’Dea has positioned himself as a leading voice in the industry.

O’Dea’s commitment to advancing human longevity is evident through his involvement with the LEV Foundation, an organization founded by Aubrey de Grey dedicated to preventing and reversing age-related diseases. His contributions extend beyond organizational leadership, as he has lectured on business strategy at Dublin Business School and authored insightful works like “Beyond the Subjectivity Trap.”

Under O’Dea’s guidance, the Longevity Summit Dublin has emerged as a premier event that attracts renowned speakers and experts in the field. Notable figures like Aubrey de Grey, George Church, David Sinclair, and Steve Horvath have graced the summit with groundbreaking research and visionary ideas on extending human lifespan and enhancing quality of life.

With a keen focus on addressing the challenging aspects of longevity science, O’Dea ensures that the Dublin summit delves into complex issues that require innovative solutions. His dedication to pushing boundaries in scientific research and fostering collaboration within the longevity community underscores his pivotal role in shaping the future of healthy aging.

Martin O’Dea’s multifaceted expertise, unwavering dedication to longevity research, and visionary leadership make him an indispensable figure in the global longevity community. His contributions to the Longevity Summit Dublin have solidified its reputation as a must-attend event for those passionate about advancing human healthspan and lifespan.