Stasa Stankovic

Genomic Medicine | University of Cambridge


Dr Stasa Stankovic is a geneticist and bioinformatician with a PhD in Reproductive Genomics from the University of Cambridge. She is focusing on deciphering genetic architecture of reproductive ageing and fertility, and their link to health outcomes in women using large scale human omics data. This work led to the discovery of >300 genetic signals that influence the age women begin menopause and the first evidence of the ability to, through gene manipulation in mice, extend reproductive lifespan and improve fertility, thus paving the path towards first genetic test for the prediction of menopause time and next-generation therapeutics for ovary-centric disorders. Stasa also acts as a strategy consultant for various pharmaceutical and governmental institutions. She currently works as a strategy consultant for AstraZeneca, where she is defining and growing corporate-wide strategy around application of human omics, AI and ML on AstraZeneca’s target discovery and drug development pipelines. Based on her work, she was awarded ‘McKinsey&Company Next Generation Women Leader’ for 2020, the best young investigator under the age of 40 by the International Menopause Society (‘Robert Greenblatt Award’), one of ten best UK young scientists in the biomedical sector by the UK Government ‘STEM for Britain’, and she is considered as one of 11 scientists with the highest impact on innovations in menopause by Forbes.