Aubrey de Grey

President and CSO of LEV Foundation


Aubrey de Grey, a renowned biomedical gerontologist, has made significant contributions to the field of aging and longevity research. One of his notable achievements is the development of the Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging, which explores the role of mitochondrial damage in the aging process. Additionally, de Grey co-authored the book “Ending Aging,” where he presents his perspective on how medical technology could potentially prevent age-related causes of death.

Moreover, de Grey has been actively involved in advocating for advancements in longevity research. He has proposed innovative approaches to combat biological aging, emphasizing the potential for medical interventions to extend human lifespan and address age-related health issues. His work has sparked discussions on rejuvenation therapies, prevention strategies, and wearable technologies aimed at promoting longevity and enhancing quality of life.