David Wood

LEV Foundation


David Wood, proponent of longevity and anti-aging research, advocating for the radical extension of human longevity and the possibility of indefinite lifespans. In his book “The Abolition of Aging,” Wood presents a comprehensive overview of rejuvenation biology, highlighting the rapid progress achieved in the field, the motivations of key players, and the challenges that need to be addressed. He emphasizes that aging can be slowed, reversed, and even abolished through scientific advancements and medical interventions. Wood’s work serves as a clarion call for collective involvement in advancing research to combat aging-related diseases and promote healthier aging for individuals worldwide.

Furthermore, Wood’s engagement with topics like transhumanism and the impact of emerging technologies on human beings in the 21st century reflects his interest in exploring innovative approaches to enhance human longevity. Through his involvement with organizations like the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies and as Chair of London Futurists, Wood delves into discussions on futurist, transhumanist, and techno-progressive matters, shedding light on the potential interconnections between technology and longevity