Patrizia D’Alessio

CEO | AISA Therapeutics


Patrizia A d’Alessio, graduated in Medicine (MD) in 1984 from the
University of Milan (Italy), was registered 1989 in Italy as Specialist in
Internal Medicine-Hematology, Clinical and Laboratory. She earned her
PhD in Hemorheology in 1989 at the University of Utrecht (The
Netherlands) and after a post-doc at King’s College (London UK), she
pursued her research in 1992 at the University René Descartes in Paris
(France) where she was appointed Professor of Cell Biology in 1998. Her
work has been focusing on mechanisms of cell senescence promoted by
stressors (shear stress / oxidative stress / emotional stress), and
revealed by inflammatory markers, leading to chronic diseases and
accelerated aging.

In collaboration with the CNRS (ICSN) she led a bio-guided research on
extracts of healing plants gathered at the University of Hanoi (Vietnam)
that allowed her discovery in 2002 of a non toxic anti-inflammatory
molecule called AISA (Anti-Inflammatory-Senescence Active). Pursuing
her research at the University Paris-Sud 11 and Inserm, from 2003-2008
she co-directed the group of Pr Deng-hai Zhang of the Fudan University
of Shanghai (China) in collaboration with the Shanghai Pudong Gongli
Hospital, the Ruijin Hospital Group, the Jiao Tong University, the
Zhongshan Hospital, the Changhai Hospital, the Shanghai Second
Military Medical University, China, on pre-clinical work about AISA
terpenoid mimics. Between 2005-2008, 3 international patents were
granted in Europe, United States and China. After winning the French
National Award for Innovative Research (2005), Pr d’Alessio created the start-up AISA Therapeutics, Intense pre-clinical work
(2005-2008) on various animal models was followed 2009-2013 by the
European FP7 RISTOMED first in human trial on supplements admitted
to the call « Healthy aging by nutrition ». This study turned out
demonstrating that the only supplement displaying a true anti-
inflammatory activity as well as anti-stress activity was the AISA
terpenoid compound. During the past 10 years, Pr d’Alessio has
conducted several observational studies and intervention trials,
disseminating the outcomes of her innovative and multidisciplinary
research. Apart from her peer-reviewed scientific articles and patents,
she has also translated, curated and published several books on the
history of sciences (Plato and tensegrity, the Architecture of Life, Brepols
2005) and is an international KOL in aging research meetings and
masterclasses, invitee of Academies of Sciences Austria, Russia and the
Academy of Medical Sciences of China. Since 2015, the AISA
moleculum brand, resulting from 15 years of preclinical and clinical
studies has been offered with success as a dietary nutraceutic
supplement to relieve stress symptoms (anxiety, insomnia) and the signs
of chronic inflammation, thereby reducing accelerated aging.