Kennedy Schaal

CEO and Founder, Rejuve Biotech


Kennedy Schaal is the Executive Director at Rejuve.Bio, a leading AI biotechnology company dedicated to redefining aging research and extending human healthspan. As a published author, Lab Director, and Chief Biologist, Schaal is shaping practical achievements in aging research with the objective of using genetics and AI to develop innovative longevity treatments.

Rejuve.Bio’s mission under Schaal’s leadership is not just about extending life but enhancing the quality of life. The company focuses on harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and genetics to revolutionize the healthcare and biotech industries by extending human healthspan and redefining the aging process.

Schaal has guided Rejuve.Bio in leveraging advanced AI, genetics, and cutting-edge data analysis to explore the potential for agelessness. The company’s unique approach involves analyzing data from long-lived animal models like Methuselah Flies and integrating it with human health and omics data to uncover genetic pathways and common mechanisms that contribute to longevity and aging-related diseases.

Under Schaal’s leadership, Rejuve.Bio aims to develop targeted therapeutics that can extend healthspan and mitigate age-related conditions. The company’s pioneering research and commitment to advancing the field of longevity seek to reshape the understanding of aging, unlock new possibilities for extending human life, and empower individuals to enjoy healthier, more vibrant lives as they age.