Maria Marinova

Reproductive Longevity | Vitadao


Maria Marinova, Ph.D., is a distinguished professional with a diverse background spanning various fields. She is actively engaged in cutting-edge projects related to optogenetics, women’s future, and longevity. Maria serves as the Awareness Lead at VitaDAO, focusing on Longevity Dealflow, and is an Apollo venture creation fellow. Her contributions extend to AthenaDAO core science, showcasing her commitment to advancing innovative solutions in the field. With credits as a writer for films like “10 Minutes of Glory” and “Devsirme,” Maria brings a unique perspective and expertise to her work. Her dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons makes her a valuable asset in any endeavor she undertakes. Maria Marinova’s passion for driving progress and shaping the future of longevity positions her as a key figure in the realm of innovation and scientific exploration.