Ivan de Weber

Co-Founder and CEO | Cortex Discovery


Dr. Ivan de Weber is a scientist and entrepreneur whose quest for longevity led to the creation of Cortex Discovery, redefining drug discovery through novel AI-based approaches to develop compounds modulating known and novel therapeutic targets.

The explosion of big data prompted Ivan’s transition from cell biology to pharmaceutical bioinformatics. This shift inspired him to bring modern machine learning and quantum physics into the field of drug discovery. As a result, Cortex Discovery has been able to develop preclinical drug leads with remarkable speed and at negligible costs, significantly advancing the development of novel therapeutics.

Focusing on longevity, Cortex Discovery is collaborating with leading experts to validate candidate molecules that modulate key aging-related mechanisms such as oxidative stress, autophagy, DNA repair, and senolytic activity. These collaborations and ongoing projects aim to pioneer breakthroughs in extending healthy lifespan and combating age-related diseases.