Walter Crompton

Investor | Director of Special Projects at Yuvan Research, Inc.


Mr. Crompton has been an active participant, leader, founder, volunteer or early investor in a number of longevity-related organizations, including Yuvan Research, DataBETA Research Study, Austin Biotec, Oisin Biotechnologies, Repair Biotechnologies, Molecular Reality, VivaFina, HEALES, the SENS Research Foundation, the American and International Longevity Alliances, and Vince Giuliano’s ‘Younging’ project. He invented the SleeProne system for extended prone sleep, and the Ziesta face pillow, and is the primary author of two biomedical patents. He was in the first cohort of Greg Fahy’s TRIIM (Thymus Regeneration, Immunorestoration and Insulin Mitigation) trials to regrow the thymus, and in Dobri Kiprov’s TPE (Therapeutic Plasma Exchange) trials. He has repeatedly performed editing functions for technical works.
Walt earned an MSEE, and worked for nearly four decades in biomedical engineering, especially focused on failure analysis, product development, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, manufacturing, and technical sales.