Tamara Radaković

Strategic Product Leader | Healthcare Innovation | Medical Doctor


Dr Tamara Radaković is a prominent figure in longevity and a leading advocate for female health and vitality. She is a medical doctor, graduated with a research focus on IVF, specializing in preimplantation genetic screening of embryos. Over the past decade, she worked as a strategic product leader in the digital health space at companies like Kry, Ada Health, and Allianz, launching innovative consumer products that focused on improving health outcomes, delivering blendend care models (digital and physical), health insights and biological age models based on health data.

Dedicated to advancing women’s health, Dr Radaković is currently founding a venture focused on women longevity and co-founded the Women Thriving Community in Berlin, which organizes biannual events focused on female health and longevity. She has significantly contributed to the conversation around female longevity, emphasizing the importance of understanding how women’s reproductive systems influence aging and the unique health aspects of the female body. Her involvement in events like Longevity Week Berlin showcases her dedication to advancing knowledge and awareness in the field of longevity, particularly concerning women’s health and well-being.