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June in Dublin Immerse yourself in the most exciting industry
in the world - Longevity.

Be stimulated by the most exciting advances in the biology of aging and see the future of fighting chronic disease by maintaining biological function. Meet the best scientists and thought leaders in the field across 4 days of social interactions, including enjoying our 'already legendary' Gala Night.
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Confirmed Speakers 2024

Hear informative talks, meet the best product people in Europe, and party together after the event!

Kotb Abdelmohsen

[Senior Associate Scientist at NIA]

Matae Ahn

[Duke-NUS Medical School]

Rozalyn Anderson

[University of Wisconsin-Madison | Assistant Professor]

Alberto Aparicio

[The University of Texas Medical Branch / Assistant Professor, Department of Bioethics and Health Humanities]

Luisa G Bâcă

[Physician Scientist | National Institute on Aging, NIH]

David Barzilai

[Founder and CEO | Healthspan Coaching LLC (agingdoc.com)]

Marc Bernegger

[Co-Founder | Maximon]

Maria Blasco

[Director | Spanish National Cancer Research Centre]

Miguel Brieño-Enriquez

[AssistGynecology & Reproductive Sciences | Magee-Womens Research Institute]

Holly Brown-Borg

[Professor | University of North Dakota ]

Sebastian Brunemeier

[CEO & Founder | ImmuneAGE Bio]

Jana Buzkova

[Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of NADMED Oy]

Didier Coeurnelle

[Heales (Healthy Life Extension Society)]

Jose Cordeiro

[Millennium project]

Lynne Cox

[Department of Biochemistry | University of Oxford]

Aaron Cravens

[CEO | Revel Pharmaceuticals]

Walter Crompton

[Investor | Director of Special Projects at Yuvan Research, Inc.]

Patrizia D’Alessio

[CEO | AISA Therapeutics]

Joris Deelen

[Research Group leader | Max Planck Institute]

Aubrey de Grey

[President and CSO of LEV Foundation]

Ivan de Weber

[Co-Founder and CEO | Cortex Discovery]

Peter Diamandis

[Founder and executive chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation]

Alexander Fedintsev

[Chief Scientific Officer | Radical Life Extension Group]

Georg Fuellen

[Director, Institute for Biostatistics and Informatics in Medicine and Ageing Research Universität Rostock]

Shavini Fernando

[Founder and CEO of OxiWear]

Ben Goertzel

[CEO and founder of SingularityNET | Leading developer OpenCog framework]

Semira Gonseth Nussle

[Chief Medical Officer at Genknowme | Preventive Medicine & Epigenetics Researcher]

Trey Goff

[ Ambassador, Próspera & Vitalia]

Jan Gruber

[Associate Professor | National University of Singapore]

Lou Hawthorne

[Founder and CEO at NaNotics]

Laurence Ion


Niamh Joyce

[National Maternity Hospital Dublin]

Brian Kennedy

[Director, Centre for Healthy Longevity and Professor Departments of Biochemistry and Physiology at National University of Singapore]

Mehmood Khan

[Chief Executive Officer | Hevolution Foundation]

Melissa King

[COO & Co-Founder Healthspan Action Coalition]

Wacław Jan Kroczek

[Gerontology Research Group]

Alec Lackmann

[Assistant Professor | University of Minnesota Duluth]

Tom Lawry

[Managing Director at Second Century Tech LLC]

Yuta Lee

[Founder & CEO | Accelerated Biosciences Corp]

Andy Lee

[Co-Founder | Vincere Biosciences ]

Neal Lemon

[Cooper Health]

Caitlin Lewis

[Director of Project Pipeline & Strategy | LEV Foundation]

Alessandro Maggi

[Founder at Ecate LLC]

Maria Marinova

[VitaDAO | Core Member]

Ben Meyers

[Founder | LongeviQuest]

Phil Newman

[Editor-in-Chief at Longevity.Technology]

Alejandro Ocampo

[Co-Founder and CEO | EPITERNA]

Martin O’Dea

[CEO, Longevity Summit Dublin | Board MemberBoard Member LEV Foundation]

Matthew ‘Oki’ O’Connor

[ Co-Chief Executive Officer | Cyclarity]

Simisola Elizabeth Oke

[Chief Medical Officer | Glycanage]

Jennifer Pearlman

[Pearl Rejuvenation]

Tamara Radaković

[Strategic Product Leader | Healthcare Innovation | Medical Doctor]

Francesca Ranieri

[Head of Events and Community | zkPass]


[Chief Executive Officer | Repair Biotechnologies]

Michael Ringel

[Managing Director and Senior Partner, Boston Consulting Group, Boards of Hevolution Foundation US and AFAR]

Kennedy Schaal

[CEO and Founder, Rejuve Biotech]

Morten Scheibye-Knudsen

[Associate Professor | University of Copenhagen]

Björn Schumacher

[Professor | University of Cologne]

Kenneth Scott

[Co-Founder VivaSparkle Inc.]

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The Venue Accessibility Virtual Tour of the Venue 13 to 16 June 2024 Immerse in event excellence The Dublin Royal Convention Centre cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper

Our Event 2023

Marcin Wójcicki [CEO at 22NXT] August, 2023
I had the pleasure to participate in the four-day Longevity Summit Dublin 2023. It was a fantastic opportunity to hear from great personalities such as Aubrey de Grey, George Church , David A. Sinclair A.O., Ph.D. , Steve Horvath , Max More , David Wood , Bryan Johnson.
[Biohacking & Longevity Clinic]
22 August, 2023
Apart from these longevity vibes, what we’ve seen is expert upon expert taking center stage to speak, impart knowledge and render the latest research to this event. Faithfully organizing a venue to network, learn, input and participate in, Aubrey has made this space, noticeable, tangible and accessible to all.
@LongevityAdvocate [Influencers] 19 August, 2023
These were 2 amazing days @longevitysummitdublin Wonderful speakers. Lots of #longevity knowledge. We had a chance to do interviews with #topminds of the Lgvt research. Liz Parrish, Andrea Maier, Steve Horvath and of course @aubreydegrey
@LongevityAdvocate [Influencers] 26 August, 2023
Last week Longevity Summit Dublin gathered brilliant visionaries in biology, biotechnology, medicine, investment, and entrepreneurship like Andrea B. Maier, David A. Sinclair A.O., Ph.D., Brian Kennedy, Evelyne Yehudit Bischof, MD, PhD, MPH Bryan Johnson, Eric Verdin and many others. They shared up-to-date research, knowledge, and experience in optimizing #healthspan.
Gratitude to Aubrey de Grey and Martin O 'Dea for not only organizing this event but emphasizing the importance of networking.
Silvija Valdonė Alšauskė [Family Physician] 26 August, 2023
I was particularly impressed by the willingness of doctors and scientists to share their knowledge and cooperate with anyone that shows interest. I met many wonderful people who inspired me to continue learning an to be curious at this strange moment in my life. I will admit, it wasn't so easy to travel and participate with a 10 months old baby, but it was 100 percent worth it!
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