Jana Buzkova

Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of NADMED Oy


Dr. Jana Buzkova, PhD, serves as the Chief Operating Officer and is a co-founder of NADMED Ltd, a Finnish biotech company. She earned her PhD from the University of Helsinki under the mentorship of Prof. Anu Suomalainen Wartiovaara, who heads a world-class research laboratory focused on mitochondrial disorders and molecular biomarkers. With a career-long dedication to this field, Dr. Buzkova has contributed to advancing our understanding of these complex disorders.

Following the completion of her studies, Dr. Buzkova transitioned into an operational role within the NADMED project, where she played a vital part in facilitating its progression toward commercialization. Her interest in technology commercialization, patenting, and establishing collaboration agreements has been instrumental in NADMED’s successful spinout.

In January 2022, Dr. Buzkova, together with three other co-founders, started the spin-out of NADMED Ltd. Since then, NADMED has achieved remarkable milestones. These include obtaining a CE mark for their innovative blood NAD+ and NADH analysis kit, expanding their clientele to over 85 customers across 25 countries, and providing NAD measuring support to 13 clinical trials so far.

Dr. Buzkova’s dedication to scientific excellence and entrepreneurial vision remain instrumental in guiding NADMED toward its goal of transforming healthcare through inventive diagnostic solutions.