Melissa King

COO & Co-Founder Healthspan Action Coalition


Melissa King is an accomplished figure in the longevity industry, holding several influential positions. She is the CEO of InSilico Medicine and Deep Longevity, two companies that leverage artificial intelligence for drug discovery and biomarker development in aging and age-related diseases.  Additionally, Melissa serves as the CSO of the Biogerontology Research Foundation, a UK-based charity dedicated to promoting research and education in biogerontology.

Melissa is also the Executive Director and Founder of the Healthspan Action Coalition, an organization that aims to accelerate the development of therapeutics for age-related diseases and improve healthy lifespan. Furthermore, she is the Executive Director of the nonprofit Regenerative Medicine Foundation, which supports research, education, and advocacy in regenerative medicine.

As a British entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, Melissa has interests across various industries. She has been a speaker at the Longevity Summit Dublin 2023, sharing her insights and expertise with the global longevity and rejuvenation community.