Ben Meyers

Founder | LongeviQuest


Ben Meyers is the founder of LongeviQuest (LQ), a supercentenarian research company. Founded in 2022, LQ has united most active age validation researchers in a global effort to identify the world’s oldest people. Supercentenarian data in the past was merely anecdotal; LQ is making it actionable. This involved acquiring personnel, expertise, resources, and technology – all for the goal of professionalizing age validation research. With researchers on staff in Japan, Europe, and the Americas, LQ has worked to develop research capabilities in each region, in accordance with each area’s legal and cultural considerations. This was all fully funded by Meyers, whose priority was to build a functioning research organization first, before focusing on LQ’s development as a business. As LQ’s scope has grown, the relevance of its work to other aspects of longevity research has become more apparent. The utility of LQ data to the pharmaceutical and academic fields, among others, perfectly fits the initial mission: to make supercentenarian data actionable. As LongeviQuest matures, Meyers and his team will ensure the supercentenarians’ wellbeing remains the top priority.

Meyers’ interest in supercentenarians began in the mid-2000’s related to the last surviving World War I veterans. Personal life stories remain his favorite aspect of supercentenarian research. His love for the elderly started early, having grown up close with six of his great grandparents and all four grandparents. He became affiliated with the age validation research community via his internet forum, The 110 Club, which he started in 2007 after no other website had enough information to satiate his curiosity about supercentenarians. The site became a virtual hub of the research community for 15 years, eventually leading to LQ. Meyers is an alumnus of the University of Florida, where he was student president. He lives in Boca Raton, Florida.