Laurence Ion

Co-initiator at


Laurence Ion, the Co-initiator at, is a visionary figure dedicated to accelerating progress in longevity biotech to extend healthy lifespans through innovative initiatives like creating “Los Alamos for longevity.” With a mission to bring aging under medical control rapidly, Laurence’s role as a Founding Steward at VitaDAO underscores his commitment to driving advancements in the field of longevity science. At, Laurence Ion is at the forefront of fostering warp-speed drug development and pioneering new approaches to address aging-related challenges. His involvement in creating a platform akin to “Los Alamos for longevity” signifies his ambition to revolutionize the way we approach healthspan and longevity. Through VitaDAO and other endeavors, Laurence Ion continues to lead the charge in propelling research and innovation that have the potential to transform the landscape of aging interventions and medical advancements.