Wacław Jan Kroczek

Gerontology Research Group


Wacław Jan Kroczek is a prominent figure in the field of gerontology, known for his significant contributions to the study of human longevity and supercentenarians. As the co-director of the Gerontology Research Group (GRG), Kroczek has been at the forefront of advancing research in this area.

Kroczek’s dedication to understanding healthy senility, human longevity, and the world’s oldest individuals led him to establish the World Supercentenarian Forum, a platform for inclusive discussions while upholding scientific integrity, ethics, and principles. Through his interactions with supercentenarians like Jadwiga Żak-Stewart and Colonel Kazimierz Klimczak, Kroczek has gained valuable insights into longevity and human resilience.

Kroczek’s work extends beyond traditional research boundaries. He was the leader of the tech team responsible for developing the new modern GRG website and technology, further enhancing the organization’s capabilities.  Additionally, Kroczek has collaborated with renowned institutions like the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, underscoring his commitment to rigorous scientific inquiry.

Kroczek’s contributions to the field of gerontology are multifaceted. He has validated candidates for the title of World’s Oldest with Guinness World Records, such as Alexander Imich and Israel Kristal. Furthermore, he has authored or co-authored chapters in the monograph “Exceptional Lifespans” published by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, covering topics such as centenarians, semi-supercentenarians, and the emergence of supercentenarians in Poland.

Beyond his research endeavors, Kroczek is a regular columnist for Gazeta Senior, focusing on social issues affecting the elderly. His engagement with various media outlets reflects the importance of his work in raising awareness about supercentenarians and longevity.