Semira Gonseth Nussle



Semira Gonseth Nussle is the Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at Genknowme, a company focused on personalized prevention solutions. Genknowme offers a novel blood test that measures the impact of lifestyle on DNA level by determining biological age through epigenetic assessment. This revolutionary test is based on blood analysis, providing personalized results while ensuring data security and anonymization. The test can be repeated for long-term monitoring to follow the effects of healthier lifestyles.

Genknowme’s epigenetic profile reveals an individual’s “youth capital,” which is the difference between chronological and biological ages. The company’s innovative, epigenetic-based analysis supports the adoption of preventive actions for healthier aging adapted to one’s sensitivity to lifestyle factors. This knowledge empowers individuals to make positive, preventative changes to their lifestyle where needed.

Nussle has been featured in various media outlets, including the X-Health Show podcast, where she discussed Genknowme. The company has also partnered with Clinique La Prairie, a leader in anti-aging medicine, for its epigenetic tests. Additionally, Genknowme has been part of the 10 startups selected by the Future of Health Grant program and has received funding from the BiopĂ´le Start-up Fund.