David Barzilai

Founder and CEO | Healthspan Coaching LLC (agingdoc.com)


Dr. David Barzilai, MD, PhD, MS, MBA, FAAD, DipABLM is renowned medical professional and founder and CEO of Healthspan Coaching LLC, where he provides consultations based on scientific evidence to promote longevity. Known as “Agingdoc” on the social platform X, where he has amassed over 30,000 followers, Dr. Barzilai actively engages with a community interested in geroscience, longevity medicine, and extended healthspans. His posts highlight the latest research in aging biology, healthy aging, lifestyle medicine, and longevity practices.
Additionally, Dr. Barzilai is the host of the Agingdoc Podcast on YouTube, which features detailed discussions with prominent figures in aging biology and the business of longevity. His expertise is further recognized through his role as a Diplomat of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine, certifying his proficiency in essential aspects of lifestyle medicine such as nutrition, physical activity, and wellness.
Dr. Barzilai holds a PhD in health services research, focusing on patient health outcomes and the critical evaluation of research findings. He has authored educational materials on evidence-based medicine and holds further certifications in nutrition, health coaching, and longevity medicine, underscoring his commitment to applying his knowledge in practical settings.
A respected speaker, Dr. Barzilai is acclaimed for his contributions to the understanding and advancement of aging biology and evidence-based medicine best practices. His work promotes better health outcomes and engages a broad audience that spans the public, scientific communities, and key stakeholders in industry. He has been at the forefront of pioneering visionary approaches in precision, and personalized medicine paradigms, emphasizing preventative, proactive care for everyone.
Through his consultancy, Barzilai Consulting – Healthspan Coaching LLC, Dr. Barzilai collaborates with clients to enhance their longevity strategies effectively. His services are designed to complement the care provided by clients’ existing longevity practitioners, clinics, or centers, ensuring a comprehensive approach to health and longevity.