Neal Lemon

Cooper Health


Neal Lemon, PhD, MBA, is the Director of Intellectual Property, Commercialization, and Innovation at the Cooper Innovation Center (CIC), which is a service department of The Cooper Health System, a non-profit corporation in New Jersey. The CIC’s mission is to improve health outcomes by supporting the transfer of Cooper innovations to the marketplace while promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within Cooper University Health Care.

Neal Lemon has been involved in various initiatives and events related to healthcare innovation and equity. For instance, he was listed as a speaker at the Techquity event at ViVE 2023, which focused on integrating health equity considerations into technology and data practices to reduce outcomes disparities and systemic inequities. Additionally, the Cooper Innovation Center hosted the Value-Based Care Summit in December 2023, where Neal Lemon, along with other speakers, likely discussed topics related to value-based care and innovation in healthcare.

Neal Lemon’s role at the Cooper Innovation Center involves protecting both patentable and unpatentable ideas and/or conceptions relating to products and processes developed by personnel of Cooper University Health Care. This suggests that he plays a key role in identifying, developing, and commercializing innovative ideas within the healthcare system.

Overall, Neal Lemon’s work at the Cooper Innovation Center and his involvement in events like Techquity and the Value-Based Care Summit demonstrate his commitment to driving innovation and equity in the healthcare sector.