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Peter Fedichev

Theme: Joining the Dots From Bench to Bedside
Topic: TBC
Date/Time: Aug 20 @6:00 PM
Co-founder & CEO of Gero
Entrepreneur and scientist with over 20 years of experience in academic research and biotech business, co-founded three biotech companies: Quantum Pharmaceuticals, a drug discovery company, and Gero, a longevity startup and GlyNeura, a biotech-pharma company aiming to cure Neurodegenerative Diseases. My scientific background lies in the field of condensed matter physics, biophysics and bioinformatics. I’ve conducted research at Kurchatov Institute, one of the leading science government agencies in Russia, AMOLF, an academic institute for fundamental physics in the Netherlands, and the University of Innsbruck. I earned my M.S. in theoretical physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam and currently have over 65 publications (h=28) in peer-reviewed journals. I believe that nothing beats the joy of discovery, the power of physics to uncover the laws of nature, and the challenge of aging research. My dream is to beat aging and experience life in space.