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Mike Conboy

Theme: Novel approaches to regeneration
Topic: TBC
Date/Time: Aug 17 @3 PM

Accommodating an ageing world is posing unsustainable economic and social challenges.

Technological and biomedical developments have eliminated many previously common sources of mortality, changing demographic, and making the world older (so to speak). Along, a new epidemic of devastating incurable degenerative and metabolic diseases of advanced age has emerged. Accommodating an aging world is posing not only new biomedical problems, but economic and social challenges, that are projected to soon become unsustainable.

Even with healthy lifestyle and modern medicine, the profoundness of age-imposed health decline is devastating and undeniable.

The Conboy Lab is dedicated to developing solutions to keep humanity healthier and younger for additional decades.

Establishing a new paradigm where Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, muscle wasting, obesity and metabolic decline etc. are not entirely separate diseases, but share a common cause, we simultaneously provide a biomedical solution to prevent and reverse age-imposed organ failure.