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Eric Risser

Theme: Advances in machine learning and bioinformatics
Topic: TBC
Date/Time: Aug 17 @6PM

Dr. Eric Risser is the Principle Engineer of the Content Group within Unity Technologies (formerly Founder & CTO of Artomatix pre-aquisition), the leader in building Creative AI solutions for Entertainment and Enterprise. Eric brings his expertise in the combined fields of artificial intelligence and computer graphics to lead both the vision and the core technology development at Artomatix where he’s filed patents, published papers and brought ArtEngine, the flagship product of Artomatix to market.

Eric’s passion is for the pursuit of creativity, the theory behind what it is and why it exists, dissecting the problem by creating the algorithms that themselves create. Eric’s pursued this singular goal through his masters at Columbia University, PhD at Trinity College Dublin and now through Artomatix/Unity.

Eric has authored high-profile research papers, filed patents, won giant novelty checks and has even written a bio for himself entirely in the third person.