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Emma Teeling

Theme: Making better use of neglected species
Topic: TBC
Date/Time: Aug 20 @10:00 AM

Emma Caroline Teeling is an Irish zoologist, geneticist and genomicist, who specialises in the phylogenetics and genomics of bats. Her work includes understanding of the bat genome and study of how insights from other mammals such as bats might contribute to better understanding and management of ageing and a number of conditions, including deafness and blindness, in humans. She is the co-founder of the Bat1K project to map the genomes of all species of bat. She is also concerned with understanding of the places of bats in the environment and how to conserve their ecosystem.
Teeling is a full professor at University College Dublin, where she has founded two scientific centres: the Laboratory of Molecular Evolution and Mammalian Phylogenetics (also known as the “BatLab”), and the Dublin part of the Centre for Irish Bat Research. Teeling is widely cited in her areas of study and is an elected member of Ireland’s national academy, the Royal Irish Academy.