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Deborah Dullen

Theme: Innovation Track: In Association with Enable Health
Topic: Enhancing Longevity through Innovative Pain Management Strategies
Date/Time: Aug 17th 9:30- 10:20 AM
Topic: Founders Forum
Date/Time: Aug 17th 11:30- 12:30 AM

Deborah Dullen is CEO of BioTraceIT™ the innovators that have introduced PainTrace® which is a wearable, real-time, measure of individual pain using a novel neuro-biosignature. PainTrace® measures pain in both active and sedated patients across multiple species.

Deb’s profile is a bit less exciting than measuring pain… she has spent decades connecting research with the marketplace. Her work spans genomics, proteomics, pharmaceuticals, orthopedics, and now pain. From introducing mass spectrometry, PCR, and protein sequencing with Applera and working behind the scenes on next-gen discovery to launching global collaborations and multi-national clinical studies with Synthes Orthopedics and Eli Lilly. In her spare time, she sails across oceans and seeks adventure.