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David Wood

Theme: Raising Political Influence
Date/Time: Aug 20 @12:35 PM

25 years professional experience pioneering the mobile computing and smartphone industries. Co-founded Symbian. Board director at Psion Software / Symbian 1996-2009. Technology Planning Lead at Accenture Mobility, 2010-2013. Other board roles include the Open Mobile Alliance, Humanity Plus, and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.

Author or lead editor of 11 books about the future, including “Smartphones and Beyond”, “The Abolition of Aging”, “Sustainable Superabundance”, “Vital Foresight”, and “The Singularity Principles”. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Holds an MA in Maths (Cambridge) and an honorary Doctorate in Science (Westminster). Co-host of the London Futurists Podcast.