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Andrew Steele

Theme: Educating laypeople about rejuvenation biotech
Topic: TBC
Date/Time: Aug 19 @6:00 PM

I worked as a post-doctoral researcher in the Luscombe Lab at the Francis Crick Institute in London, using machine learning techniques to try to make sense of genomic data and medical records. I used neural networks to try to model where proteins and nucleosomes bound to DNA, and random forests and penalised regression models to predict patient outcomes using medical records data.

I also worked as a post-doc at King’s College London, analysing survival and imaging data in C. elegans to dissect how genes in their neurons detect food in the environment, altering their lifespan.

My PhD was in physics, examining magnetism and superconductivity by taking new materials to particle accelerators and firing beams of particles called muons at them. Check out my thesis, or MµCalc, the software I developed for Bayesian dipole field analysis.