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Abstract Submission

When to submit

The deadline for abstracts is April 20th, 2024.

What to submit

Please fill in all fields below, then press the “Submit” button at the bottom. When you confirm, the abstract will be saved and in due course added to the list of submissions.

If you absolutely must modify a submitted abstract, please resubmit it on this form and then send email to the organiser so that your previous version can be replaced.

All fields can include HTML codes for italics, superscripts, subscripts and many non-ASCII characters (but unfortunately not Greek).

Note that you can enter more text in the fields below than the length shown and the full text will still be submitted intact; however, please do not do this with the multi-line fields.

Abstract submission form

"*" indicates required fields

(Please write authors in the format "A.N. Author, A. Nother, T.H.E. Third")

Please note all submissions pend review and approval. An abstract approval does not register you for the conference and a ticket purchase must be made separately.